Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm sick

I sense a relapse. Having had a very bad cough, a sore head and a general feeling of lethargy for almost three weeks, I can feel that things are about to get much worse. I know the heart-breakingly familiar signs and symptoms as well as I know the unpleasant reflection of my own self. Extreme fatigue, all-over aches and pains, mind fog, tingling hands, poor absorption and retention of information, etc etc etc. Hold on. Here we go again....

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  1. Oh no, the dreaded signs of relapse. So sorry to hear you could well be facing one. I hope your body can stay strong enough to come out on top and it doesn't end up being too bad. Sending lots of positive energy your way.
    Just stumbled across your blog by the way and will be following, fellow ME'er, Hayley-Eszti