Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A chest infection? ME?

I have had a grating cough, and subsequently a stubborn chest infection, for approximately eight weeks. I have vomited. I have coughed up tons of phlegm and even some specks of blood. My appetite has diminished. I have missed three days of work. I am on my third set of antibiotics (625 mg per tablet, three times daily for one week). I have seen three GPs. A chest x-ray showed nothing sinister. My breathing is difficult, laboured.

Is it likely that my history of ME and the associated problems with my immune system mean that I am much more susceptible to things such as chest infections and that, once I have them, they affect me more than others and are more difficult to get rid of?


  1. Hi Chris often when we are chronically sick we get various co infections that are problematic to fight off. with chest the likely culprits are Mycoplasma and Chlamydia Pneumonia. The NHS rarely if ever test for them and assume everyone recovers quickly - not so and we don't always respond well to the usual antibiotics a GP would prescribe.
    You could consider going to a private clinic for further tests or even get private labs such as Infectolabs Germany to test you.
    My ME/CFS was caused by Lyme disease which is difficult to test for. Dr Horowitz has recently published a book which is as relevant to anyone with a chronic illness as it is to those of us who have lyme Disease.
    I posted on my blog about it with a presentation from Horowitz and a link to his book with a few paragraphs available to read on line.
    Good luck to you in finding something to help you.

  2. i have almost the same thing (about six weeks chest infection) and the following links to an excellent cure. make sure you use all raw and unpasteurized ingredients:

  3. Ask your doctor if you can have a scan. It may be something else.